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NTDTC provides a number of classes throughout the year, below are a summary of the main classes which are run. For more information or to sign up for an upcoming class click the 'Read More' button.


The first stages of training are to learn the basics, all dogs from puppy to older, toy Maltese's or a large Great Dane, will get some form of benefit from obedience training. The basic steps of training will provide a social, responsible, and pleasurable dog who will respond to the basic commands.


The basics provided in the introductory classes include:

  • How to train, and the best times to train
  • Recall (come) on command
  • Basic heel work
  • Sit and stay on command (30 seconds, on lead)
  • Down and stay on command (1 minute, on lead)

Grade 1

Grade 1 extends on the skills taught during Introductory classes. As well as improving on these existing skills, additional things are added including:

  • Heeling and Turning in a heel
  • Retrieve (Holding a dumbbell)
  • Sit stay (off lead)
  • Down Stay (off lead)
  • Stand Stay (off lead)
  • Novice Recall (come)


Grade 2

Grade 2 extends further on Grade 1, extending the length of the stay, and progressing the grade 1 skills with:

  • Heeling and turning (off lead)
  • Complex turns in a heel (on lead)
  • Retrieve (Bringing the dumbbell back)
  • Test A recall (come into a heel)

Beginner Agility

If your dog is more than 12 months old and has completed the introductory obedience class, you may wish to try dog agility.  Agility is a fun and fast-paced dog sport that requires a handler to direct their dog through an obstacle course of hurdles, hoops, tunnels, weave poles, A-frames and dog-walks, whilst racing against the clock.