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Club Trophy Results 2017

Published by Jennifer and Sc... on Fri, 09/03/2018 - 10:02pm


Tess Agility Plaque - Lynn Pillette and Bella
Libby Memorial Trophy for Top Starters Dog - Krysti Whetton and Lexi
Most Improved Handler - Estelle Low and Dante
Most Clear Rounds - Estelle Low and Dante
Mountain Croft Agility Trophy - Estelle Low and Dante
Highest points at NZDAC - Estelle Low and Dante

Zeus Memorial Trophy - Top Ribbon Trial Dog - Jan Anderson and Ziggy
Senior Ribbon Trial Cup - Rae Mayhead and Diaz
Junior Ribbon Trial Trophy - Ella Sands-Fore and Kez
Top Ribbon Trial Dog - Ella Sands-Fore and Kez
Champ Show Senior Dog Trophy - Rae Mayhead and Diaz
Champ Show Junior Dog Trophy - Isa Christiansen and Lace
Top Dog - Rae Mayhead and Diaz


Hardgraves Trophy - Top dog in obedience trials - Laurel Austin and Dazzle
Top Tracking Trials Dog and Handler - Lynn Pillette and Blue

Congratulations to all our trophy recipients, keep up the good work!